Care and Maintenance


We update, maintain and create backups for your website.

What is website care and maintenance?

Website maintenance includes the technical maintenance of a page as well as updating new content. For example, if your website does not have any backups, you should urgently do so, otherwise your site will be at risk. If you update WordPress or an essential plugin, it is possible that your site will be compromised.

Why does a website need maintenance?

There are many good reasons to look after and maintain a homepage. After all, a website consists not only of up-to-date content, but also of many technical aspects. The content of your website is particularly interesting for the user, because they want an answer to their question in a few seconds.

The technical implementation is for the user, as well as for search engines, such. B. Google, particularly important. These include indexability, loading times and security of a website. Websites that are not state-of-the-art can be expected to be easier targets for hackers who threaten the existence of your website.

How regularly does a website need to be maintained?​

Maintaining a website not only takes a lot of time, but also requires a certain amount of knowledge. Without the said knowledge, maintaining a website is not only troublesome but also risky.

Websites that are always up to date in terms of technology and content are ranked particularly highly on Google.

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We offer these solutions

Website maintenance as
SEO strategy

It has been proven that technically and content-wise flawless pages rank higher on Google. It is therefore very important to always keep your site up to date with the latest technology. But not only your Google ranking benefits from it, but also the end user, since a faster page is accepted much better by users.

If a page does not seem secure enough to the user – for example due to a missing SSL certificate – he will think twice about staying on the page. This is of the utmost importance for online shops in particular, since the user must provide their sensitive data.


Keeping WordPress up-to-date is essential to ensure the security and performance of your website.


Plugins must be regularly updated to the latest version. New security vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered and patched. In addition, the latest versions of plugins usually offer innovations that you can use to improve your website.

However, it should not be ignored that plugin updates can cause problems. That’s why we always make sure that your site remains functional after the update.

Performance increase

The loading time of a website is of immense value, since the user interrupts the loading process if the waiting time is too long. This increases the so-called “bounce rate”, which in turn affects your Google rating. Pages with a high “bounce rate” tend to be ranked lower.

Especially for webshops, it is of the utmost importance to have a low loading time, as potential customers do not wait for the page to load. If it takes too long, they’ll bounce off the site and buy from the competition.


Create backup copies:
We create backups of your site in order to be able to reset the site to its original state in an emergency. This protects us against the risk of a total loss of your website data.

Site Recovery:
In the event that your website is severely damaged by a defective plugin or WordPress update, we can completely restore your website from an old backup copy.

Keyword ranking monitoring

If you wish, we can track your website’s ranking positions in a range of up to 100 keywords and send you a monthly report documenting exactly how your website’s ranking has improved.

Link monitoring

We monitor the internal and external links on your website and check the links for their technical function.

Security checks

Website security is an absolute must, that’s why we scan your site for malware, security risks and web trust.

Performance monitoring

We regularly check the loading time of your website. If there is a need for improvement, we will inform you about it in our report.

Uptime Monitoring

Are you worried that your website will be down for your users and you will lose sales and traffic as a result? Then our uptime monitor is the perfect solution! We will notify you immediately if your website is unavailable.

Monthly Reporting

You will receive a detailed report from us every month that summarizes and evaluates the services we have provided. With just one glance, you can keep an overview of your entire website and see how your website has improved in terms of SEO and whether there is a need for an update.



No, currently we only offer our maintenance service for pages created in WordPress.

With a professional website, many aspects must be continuously maintained. On the one hand, the technical SEO maintenance, which includes, for example, loading speed, adjustment of the URLs and an optimal responsive design. Current content must be entered. Bug fixing should also not be neglected.

Depending on the size and needs, the price of website maintenance varies. With us you can book website care and maintenance from €50 a month.

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