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Why is a clean web design
so important?

A company’s website is usually the first thing a user or customer sees. Thus, the first impression of the company through the website is crucial. A clean web design is essential so that you (now immediately) appear serious and professional at first glance. A well-designed website also legitimizes your business, as the user realizes that the website is providing what they need.

Clean web design is professional and serious

In order to differentiate yourself from your competition and dubious web shops nowadays, a clean web design is particularly important, since the user must be shown immediately that he not only finds what he is looking for here, but is also absolutely safe on this website.

mobile first

Responsive Design

A large part of humanity has more than just one device that they use to go online. That is why it is of utmost importance that your web design is compatible with all modern technologies. This is the only way you can keep up with your competitors.

If your site doesn’t harmonize with mobile devices, most of your audience will simply bounce off when they try to inquire about your services.

Again, a professional is a huge support for you and your customers.

This is how websites are created at B NEX


Reliability and professionalism are our top priority


It is particularly important to us to maintain open and active communication


Everything is 100% made in-house to guarantee authentic web design

Conceptual design/ pre-design

In the second step, we then create a basic concept for your website, the so-called wireframe, in line with your wishes and goals. There we accept all your suggestions for improvement and requests.


At the beginning of our web design process, we determine your current position. We pay particular attention to your wishes and goals.


In the third step, we implement your site in the desired CMS.

Wartung & Support

We also maintain your website and send you monthly reports on the status of your site. For all further questions and cooperation we are of course also available after a completed order.

Go Live

In the fourth step, we give you the access data for your website.

our specialties

That sets us apart from other companies


How transparent does
B NEX work?

We at B NEX are 100% cost transparent. So if you have a question about the cost or any other point, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


We offer legendary customer service!

It may sound cliche, but we offer you legendary customer service. Don’t believe us? No problem. Make an appointment today and convince yourself that we are right for you!

our service portfolio

Services and Benefits

Brand new site

We are a modern, versatile web design agency. We create your website according to your wishes and preferences. In this way, we can guarantee each of our clients an authentic, individual and targeted website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With SEO you will win organic customers in the long term. Your website is the most important channel for making initial contact with your customers. The problem usually arises that one’s own page is only found on the lower pages of the search engine.


A good UI/UX (user interface/user experience) design is essential to ensure that your site is particularly user-friendly and thus has a higher conversion rate.

Website Maintenance

We maintain and care for your website so that your site remains relevant, fast and secure in the future.


Easy-to-understand animations inspire trust in your website and allow the user to understand content more easily.


With three-dimensionally rendered images, desired locations and perspectives of products can be simulated in virtual space without an expensive photo shoot.


A logo creates an identity that is distinctive to your business and represents your values.

Graphic Design

With a custom-made design, you stand out from the crowd and don’t risk being forgotten at first glance.

Design for flyers, presentations, banners, business cards and more are part of our repertoire.

Image Film

With an introductory video about your company, you create an opportunity for your potential customers to get to know you in advance and build trust in you.

What advantages
does a website
offer me?

Effective Online Strategy

A web design agency not only supports you with the visual aspect of the website. We also plan the web design for the future and adapt it to your future business goals.

The goal of our web design is to create a solid foundation for your site so that you remain successful in the long term.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To get into the highly competitive Google spotlight, SEO is your most powerful tool. You need it to be seen in today’s competition. You are certainly aware that the most beautiful web design is of no use to you if it cannot be found. Therefore, your website must be optimized for the Google search engine. The higher your website ranks, the more organic traffic you will generate. Our experts in web design and SEO can relieve you of this and help you to get the coveted Google search results high up.

Outstanding Competitive Advantage

Outstanding Competitive Advantage

With an attractive web design you secure a big advantage over your competitors. Some of your competitors don’t want to spend any money and create their own websites. This is clearly reflected in the points of appearance and function.

So, with a professionally designed web design, you will win the online race.

In addition, you also save time. A web designer can quickly and reliably integrate new features and fix bugs.

Reliable & flawless design

A professional web design will remove many hurdles and save you worries.

With self-made websites, every little mistake can be a source of problems. Without the necessary knowledge, you will have to invest a lot of time and possibly money to fix errors in web design.

If you let a web design agency take care of your website right from the start, you can save time and concentrate on the essentials, the management of the company.

More possibilities through more resources

Professional web design agencies have access to a variety of resources that the average developer doesn’t have. With modern programs and special skills, we can develop and design everything. From a simple static website to a sophisticated e-commerce website. Funds of this kind are difficult to obtain, time-consuming and also expensive.

Noticeable time savings

As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on your work and run the company effectively. You don’t have much time to concentrate on creating the web design. We as a web design agency can help you here in 2 points:

First, we create the web design for you and are your reliable contact in the event of improvements or errors. Secondly, we can incorporate various functions such as an appointment scheduler or a contact form into the web design. This saves you valuable time and at the same time your company becomes more efficient. But our comprehensive service does not stop here. In addition to web design, our specialists also strengthen you in the areas of SEO, online shops and blogs. One of our experts will be happy to explain how you can best use our services to your advantage.



Unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly, as this depends heavily on the size of your project. However, in order not to leave you completely in the dark, we give an average period of three to five weeks.

No, you are responsible for your own website after submitting it, but we offer 3 months of website maintenance free of charge for each website.

Yes! We create your website in such a way that you can change it as you wish after the website has been completed.

Yes. Basically, our pages are SEO optimized. However, depending on the goal, it makes sense to talk about our SEO packages, because the site is only fundamentally optimized.

No, we do not offer hosting ourselves. We can still advise you on all aspects of hosting.

Yes! Each of our websites is created responsive. With 70% of online traffic now coming from mobile, every website should be mobile-friendly.

No our websites are built with WordPress or Webflow.

Whether new, small or large, we work with any type of business. We are always happy to call a company a customer. Especially with new partners, we look forward to realizing your visions for the future.

Write us an email today and you will receive the answer tomorrow at the latest.

We’re happy to answer any questions.

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Web Design & Wireframing

For a modern website that is tailored to your individual needs. An online presence is essential these days. With a website optimized for all end devices, you are well positioned.

3D Animation​

Convince your customers of your product or service even better with our 3D animation solutions. Ideal for sales and marketing.

Website Care & Maintenance

We save you time and nerves by taking care of all the maintenance work on the website for you, updating the programs and making small changes if you wish. We have a suitable offer for all website sizes.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO allows you to rank at the top of Google’s search results. The goal is to get long-term and sustainable customers to your own website without paying for it every month and overtaking competitors in the race for customers on the Internet.