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What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to all measures that are taken to increase visibility in Google. There are also two types of search engine optimization. First the OnPage optimization and second the OffPage optimization. Both are essential aspects to get a higher ranking on search engines like Google.

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website is the most important channel for making initial contact with your customers. The problem usually arises that one’s own page is only found on the lower pages of the search engine. We make sure that your website is found quickly and stays in the first places on Google & Co. in the long term. We are your experienced SEO agency from Nuremberg and with our Search Engine Optimization we are happy to offer you the service and added value that you deserve.

seo - the future

SEO - Take advantage of the growing online industry

A rethinking has taken place – even older generations now use the Internet as a source of information. On average, 9 out of 10 people use Google to solve their personal “problem”. If you now end up on the pedestal of the search results with the right SEO measures and offer the ideal solution, your services will be examined more closely and there is a high probability that they will be used.

the customer is waiting for your product

Offer the right solution with SEO

A huge advantage is that the user already knows what product or service they need – otherwise they wouldn’t be looking for it. With our SEO, your potential customer gets your product – and thus the solution to his problem – served on a silver platter. Then he is just a click away from being convinced by you.

cheap marketing through seo

SEO - The inexpensive marketing method

SEO ensures organic, unpaid traffic on your website, even sustainably when implemented professionally. It will provide you with consistent results and will increase your website’s authority and value. In comparison, PPC shows immediate results with a very well-defined target group within a limited time period, even if your website is not designed for SEO. Unlike PPC, SEO is very cost effective and gives you a much higher return on investment.

seo - the transparent marketing

The success of SEO is

The SEO measures carried out by our SEO agency and the resulting successes are logged, analyzed and evaluated. On the basis of various key figures, success can be measured, weak points identified and eliminated and improvements made.

build a brand with seo

Sustainable strengthening of the brand

By increasing your visibility in the long term, customers often come into contact with your company, your brand, your services or your products. This way you will be remembered and associated with positive results. And it is precisely this type of brand awareness that is a very decisive success factor, with which you can establish yourself in the market in the long term.

seo services with b nex

Our individual SEO solutions

Our mission is to give you complete satisfaction. With our first-class SEO know-how, we promote your internet presence by significantly and measurably improving your ranking on Google with targeted SEO measures. With our SEO agency, you will receive an overall SEO package that is individually tailored to your needs.


Our Services

on- und offpage

OnPage SEO

We improve your SEO by making the following content and user optimizations:

  • User-friendly, clear and legible website design
  • In-depth keyword research
  • content creation
  • Optimize existing content
  • Internal links
  • Alt texts for your images
  • URL Optimization
  • improve user experience

on- und offpage

OffPage SEO

By implementing the following factors, we improve the findability of your company outside of the content of your own site:

  • link building
  • social signals
  • Website Architecture
  • loading speed
  • sitemaps
  • Core Web Vitals

regionale auffindbarkeit

Local SEO

We increase the findability in your region by improving local findability through “Google My Business” optimization:

  • generate potential customers
  • Increase organic reach
  • Optimize placement in
  • local search results
  • Maximize discoverability for your target audience
  • Win customers on site

This is our
SEO strategy

Effective online strategy

A web design agency not only supports you with the visual aspect of the website. We also plan the web design for the future and adapt it to your future business goals.

The goal of our web design is to create a solid foundation for your site so that you remain successful in the long term.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To get into the highly competitive Google spotlight, SEO is your most powerful tool. You need it to be seen in today’s competition. You are certainly aware that the most beautiful web design is of no use to you if it cannot be found. Therefore, your website must be optimized for the Google search engine. The higher your website ranks, the more organic traffic you will generate. Our experts in web design and SEO can relieve you of this and help you to get the coveted Google search results high up.

Systematically discover and eliminate problem areas

Systematically discover and eliminate problem areas

Systematically discover and eliminate problem areas

A high number of high-quality links is one of the most relevant factors for a high ranking on Google. We take care of strategic link earning. We also work on making your existing content 100% Google-compliant, attractive and appealing. The goal is high-quality SEO that is in line with your goals and has a lasting positive effect on your visibility and profit.

Support your web developers

We will support your web developer or administrator with in-depth technical SEO guidelines or deploy our own experts to implement your project. In this way, your website meets all the requirements for success and delivers the best possible performance.

monitoring und reporting

Always up to date

By choosing our SEO agency, you will receive transparent information about the ranking and changes in the ranking of individual pages, how you perform in comparison to your competitors and where your attention is required. We analyze: where your traffic comes from organic search the impact of your landing pages the conversion rate and much more. With our SEO agency, you always know whether your investments are worthwhile.

topic and keyword research

Sound analysis of all relevant keywords and topics

With our SEO tools, we find out the most relevant keywords in your industry and analyze the search volume, competitive environment and effectiveness. We then use a targeted content marketing strategy to ensure the desired visibility, the associated increased traffic and customer acquisition. We inspire people with informative, attractive and unique content for your brand and increase the conversion rate sustainably.

monitoring und reporting

Quality over quantity

The Google search algorithm is constantly being improved, which is why it is particularly important to produce high-quality content in “content creation”. But not only Google, but above all for the user, since a high interaction rate shows Google that your content is particularly relevant and important. Timeliness is also particularly important. Content should be constantly improved and updated, which is particularly appreciated by Google, since fresh content is always more relevant than outdated ones.

ongoing seo support

Individually adaptable to your needs

We work closely together to create SEO strategies tailored to your needs and also offer a permanent SEO program. We tailor this program to your SEO budget. We are sure to find the right solution for you! In order to achieve your goals in the long term, continuous adjustments to changes in the search environment are necessary. We are happy to continuously monitor your project over several months or years. Our offer includes: Link building your backlink profile and SEO content marketing We reliably record the results with monthly reports and react proactively to algorithm updates and market changes. This way you always stay one step ahead of your competition.



In terms of individual and representative optics, our agency specializes in web design, graphic design and image processing. We ensure a better Google ranking with sophisticated SEO strategies and page speed improvement. In order to enable more attention, traffic and higher conversion, we also offer extensive social media management for all your social media. In order to guarantee all these points in the highest quality, we work together with experienced designers, computer scientists, SEO and WordPress specialists.

Pages optimized for the target group, social trust through relevant content, ongoing SEO on-page management, technical optimization of the website and a well-founded social media strategy.

We measure success based on the rankings and ranking changes of the most relevant search terms, as well as the general visibility of your domain. If you want to measure success based on other factors, we can also measure sales, number of orders, conversion rate, bounce rate and much more and then display them clearly.

With off-page optimization, the first results are usually visible after a few weeks. In the case of on-page optimization, it usually takes a few months to a year. Depending on the project and budget, it can also be faster.

Yes, she definitely is! On average, 9 out of 10 people use Google to find a solution to their problem. 99% of these users will click on an offer that is on the first page of search results. With a suitable SEO strategy, you will secure a place on this page and thus increase your visibility enormously. This effectively increases your reach and means significant growth.

With social media you can build a community with customers and prospects and place advertising at low cost. You can achieve a large reach with little effort and can recruit new products or services in a targeted manner. You can also expand your customer support via a social media channel. You effectively collect positive recommendations on your social media and thus increase your social trust and your conversion rate immensely.

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Web Design & Wireframing

For a modern website that is tailored to your individual needs. An online presence is essential these days. With a website optimized for all end devices, you are well positioned.

3D Animation​

Convince your customers of your product or service even better with our 3D animation solutions. Ideal for sales and marketing.

Website Care & Maintenance

We save you time and nerves by taking care of all the maintenance work on the website for you, updating the programs and making small changes if you wish. We have a suitable offer for all website sizes.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO allows you to rank at the top of Google’s search results. The goal is to get long-term and sustainable customers to your own website without paying for it every month and overtaking competitors in the race for customers on the Internet.